Looking for an apartment in downtown Chicago can be frustrating at best!  Here's a list of FAQ and how we can help:

How do I benefit from working with you?

We're available to make your life easier! Our trained staff know which buildings are carpet, hardwood, in unit laundry, balconies, how to reach the leasing office, and where to park for tours.  We will send you a list of buildings that match your criteria, schedule the showings, meet you at the first property and drive to others - all complimentary!  Lunch time pick up from office or hotel options available per request.

When should I start looking for my next rental?

For best pricing, Apartments should start looking 60-90 days out and Condos 30-45 days out.

What's the general differences between Apartment and Condo?

  • Apartments                                                           Condos
    • Management Company                         * Private Owner
    • One Time Admin Fee ($300+)              * Several Cashier Checks and Fees ($600+)       
    • Completely Cleaned/Painted                * Paint and Condition Negotiated
    • No Security Deposit                               * One Month Security Deposit
    • Located more in downtown areas        * Located more in residential areas

Are there any fees or costs I should know about for using your service?

There is no charge to you for our services.  After we find your apartment or condo, we invoice the landlord.